ExtraFree transport buffer

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The ExtraFree® Transport buffer is suitable for extraction-free PCR. So, there is no need for nucleic acid isolation from samples. Simply expose cells to ExtraFree® buffer for 15 minutes at ambient temperature or directly collect your swab in the buffer. Subsequently, incubate buffer containing samples for 5 minutes at 95 ºC to inactivate enzymes. The buffer is safe to handle; all reagents are non-toxic.

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  • High purity DNA/RNA: reliable removal of inhibitors for downstream reactions (e. g., PCR, NGS)
  • Suitable for collection/storage of:
    • Swab samples
    • Variable input amount from 200 – 1000 µl blood
    • Supernatant of homogenized tissue samples
  • Kit: 50 ampoules containing 1 ml buffer and 50 spin columns
  • Kit: 50 ampoules containing 3 ml buffer and 50 spin columns
  • Bottle containing 100 ml of buffer
  • Bottle containing 500 ml of buffer
  • One-step spin columns
  • Package  containing buffers, one-step spin columns, and mobile PCR machine

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Kit: 1 ml, Kit: 3 ml, Bottle: 100 ml, Bottle: 500 ml, One-step spin columns. (50 PCS), Package