NutraSafe Transport buffer 100 ml – 500 ml

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UltraSafeⓇ is a DNA and RNA transport and storage medium for nasal and throat swab samples. UltraSafeⓇ preserves the genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples at ambient and high temperatures (no refrigeration or freezing needed) and inactivates infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, & parasites). Nucleic acid from samples stored in this transport buffer is compatible with most DNA and RNA purification kits. Nasal and throat swabs can also be purchase here

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  • High purity DNA/RNA: reliable removal of inhibitors for downstream reactions (e. g., PCR, NGS)
  • Suitable for collection/storage of swab samples
  • Kit: 50 ampoules containing 1 ml buffer
  • Kit: 50 ampoules containing 3 ml buffer
  • Bottle containing 100 ml of buffer
  • Bottle containing 500 ml of buffer

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Kit: 1 ml, Kit: 3 ml, Bottle: 100 ml, Bottle: 500 ml