Chai Open QPCR incl testkit

Single- and dual-channel Open qPCR real-time PCR machine for detection, identification, and quantitation of DNA or RNA for molecular biology applications.

Compact, Portable, Connected

Start a run at the lab, view results from your home, or anywhere you have Internet. Or take Open qPCR into the field. Built like a tiny tank and weighing only 4 kg, it’s easy to transport, and can run anywhere you have power. qPCR real-time includes a test kit compatible with the qPCR device.

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16 well solid-state design
5 °C/s ramp speed
Touchscreen, Ethernet, WiFi, USB
Web-based user interface supports Windows, OS X, and Linux
Open source

• Open qPCR, Single Channel + Test Kit
• Open qPCR, Dual Channel + Test Kit

Optional: Including Service Plans*
1x Ch Service Plan 2 year €400
1x Ch Service Plan 3 year €640
1x Ch Service Plan 5 year €1,040
2x Ch Service Plan 2 year €560
2x Ch Service Plan 3 year €896
2x Ch Service Plan 5 year €1,456


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 20 cm

Open qPCR, Single Channel + Test Kit, Open qPCR, Dual Channel + Test Kit

Service Plans *

The customer may purchase a service plan along with the instrument, but must be purchased along with the instrument.

Service plans:

1. Cover any needed repair service (parts and labor) for the duration of the service plan,
with the exception that damage due to mistreatment of the unit (i.e. dropping it, water
damage) is not covered. Without a service plan, such repairs are provided free of charge
during the 1-year warranty period only.
2. Hot-swap option: Allow the user to elect to receive a refurbished replacement machine,
rather than waiting for the original machine to be repaired and returned, should repair
service become necessary. The refurbished machine is not a loner and will be covered
under the same service plan for the remaining duration of the contract.
3. For customers located in the contiguous 48 US states, service plans cover ground
shipping of the instrument to and from the customer. Customers outside this region are responsible for shipping costs.


Service is provided by Chai at its Santa Clara, California, USA facility. Chai will perform service
on instruments exposed to BSL-1 and BSL-2 level organisms only. We will refuse service for
instruments exposed to BSL-3 organisms, BSL-4 organisms, or ionizing radioactivity as we lack
the facilities to do this safely, and the failure of such instruments will need to be considered a

Upon confirming there is a hardware instrument issue, Chai will send the customer a
decontamination form to verify the instrument has been properly decontaminated and was not
exposed to BSL 3/4 organisms or ionizing radiation. If so verified, if the instrument is not
covered by a warranty or service plan, Chai will request a Purchase Order (for customers with
Net terms) or credit card deposit sufficient to cover 2x the estimated repair charges plus
shipping. Once payment/warranty/service plan has been verified, Chai will issue an RMA and
will issue pre-paid shipping labels to service plan customers within the contiguous 48 US states,
or otherwise issue shipping instructions. Chai will then service and return the unit, invoicing the
customer for any actual repair charges or refunding them for any excess deposits.

** Rather want to rent a device, or want our experts to run a test into your field? Please contact us at for a quote.**